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BRISSK has a team of well experienced and Qualified marketing professionals, the fundamental goal of increasing the sales and achieving the sustainable growth of the company.

Implementation of specific targets , scanning the market environment , understanding the strategic constrains helps us to identify the business opportunities and threats.

The Growth of every business is very crucial for business success !

As a team we have made our brand a renowned and remarkable one , The count of reputed dealers and the distributors that we have today shows the effort and growth that the marketing team has contributed towards the company,

3'Cs of Marketing- that we focus :

  • Customer
  • Competitor
  • Commitment

Customer : Is the basis of every business , there is no business without customers, Customer satisfaction the foundation for any business growth. If needs or the requirement of the customers are fulfilled the business attracts, so we believe ”once our customer is always our customer “.

Competitor: There is no any business without a competitor , We strongly believe that competitors are much important for analyzing and measuring our business level in the competitive market. It also helps to study market trend and patterns.

Commitment :Implementing the goals of the company , identifying where exactly the company brand sits in the mind of the customers , What metrics should be used in future to measure the progress towards the goal.